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Wean more piglets in the best conditions !

PATAVIE is a milk replacer for piglet containing lyophilised colostrum

  • Can be fed from the first day in trough or by intubation
  • It acts beneficially upon the intestinal mucosa and improves feed consumption
  • It gives energy and vitality to new-born piglets
  • It helps to reduce digestive disorders
Packing: 500 g & 5 kg bucket

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Pure lyophilised colostrum, IBR free coming from our own collection.

To be used after birth for calves, lambs & kids.

  • Supply in high quality Ig.
  • Gives energy to new-born animals
  • Easy to use thanks to the dosing pump

Packing : 5 x 60 ml syringes (paste form) - 20 x 100 g mini-bags

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A secured starting phase, to wean more piglets !

PORKISPRINT is a complementary feedingstuff for new-born piglets.

Feed piglets with PORKISPRINT just after birth in order to :

  • Bring energy for the first sucklings
  • Supply iron
  • Bring high quality colostrum
  • Supply minerals and vitamins adapted to the starting period.
Packing: 100 ml bottle (50 doses).  Feed 1 dose (2ml) as soon as possible after birth. Give another dose during the following hours and the second day if necessary.

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How can we accompany newborn calf ? By restoring tonus and vigour to weak animal.

FORTAN VO is a complementary feed for newborn calves containing vitamins, minerals and Oméga 3.  

  • Feed on tube dispenser per calf just after birth. Feed another one 24 hours after to weaker calves.
  • Restore sucking reflex
  • Improve growth for weaker calves
  • Reinforce immune defense system
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity
  • Favour early feeding
  • Improve cold resistance

FORTAN VO  is designed for rearing calves. It can also be used in veal calf production (in case of weak animals).

Packing : 6 x 60 ml syringes (paste form)

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