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Disgestive disorder control


2/3 of breeding are facing digestive disorders with calves...

Make the right choice with FIBRATOP, a dietetic nutritional supplement based on fibre and pectin.

How does FIBRATOP work ?

  • It restores a regular intestinal transit : fibres
  • It enables a recovery of water & mineral reserves : a well-balanced supply
  • It restores intestinal coat
  • It brings energy : sugar
  • It balances the metabolism
Packing: 250 g, 2 kg and 5 kg bucket 25 kg bag

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ORIADERM is a good supplement to cow milk : it supplies proteins, minerals and trace-elements (Vit. A, D3, and E, iron, copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt).

Supplemented in methionin, choline and sorbitol, ORIAFERM enables a good digestion of milk and favours calf growth.

ORIAFERM is supplemented in starter culture (Enterococcus Faecium): it thus enables a better regulation of the intestinal flora.

Packing: 2 kg bucket

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A good hydration is important for a good start or during hot weather.

Hydrate easily with Hydroplus !

  • It contains all the electrolytes, useful for organism balance
  • It contains glycine, it thus enables a rapid and long-lasting entry of water in cells
  • 2 energy supplies : rapid sugars and a slow energy to ensure a rapid and long-lasting recovery

Packing: 10 kg bucket (powder form).

>> More information about HYDROPLUS

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