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Throughout their life, immune system of dog and cat is strongly sought in many critical situations.


There are 4 sensitive periods

complete milk replacer cat kitten

complete replacer puppy dog

complete replacer kitten cat


1. The first week of life is critical as the immune system protection depends on mother colostrum mainly. If colostrum intake is short supply (on a quality or quantity point of view), it can entail consequences throughout the growing or adult period.


2. Weaning : for new-weaned puppy and kitten, stress due to the separation and feed change can cause depressive period, having consequences on health.


3. For young and adult animals, stress period such as travel, vet examination, vaccination can entail disorders.


4. For ageing cat and dog, the protection capacity of the organism decreases therefore ageing animals are more vulnerable to any kind of stress.

complete replacer dog puppyA subsidiary of EVEN Group (a dairy group established in Brittany), ORIANE has been developing its own bovine colostrum collection for 10 years and pointed out the interest of this colostrum for dog and cat.

Bovine colostrum contains many bioactive constituents, more or less the same between the different mammal species.


These constituents act in the organism at different level

      • Bacteriostatic or bacterial activity of colostrum enzymes (lactoferrine, lactoperoxydase, lysozyme). It entails a better protection of the digestive tract against pathogens (bacteria, virus).
      • Growth stimulation or repair of intestinal villi after a viral or a bacterial attack. A better recovery after stress (digestive problems, diarrhoeas, antibiotics, vaccination, ).
      • Improvement of cellular repair of skin thanks to an increase of fibroblast proliferation. Better preservation of skin and coat quality
      • Complementary feed adult  cat or kittenStimulation of cellular growth. Colostrum contains many promoters improving the development of the young animal. These promoters also help ageing animal to manage a better ageing and its consequences. 

Complementary feed adult dog or puppy
Colostrum is a continuous help to preserve health of newborn puppy and kitten, young puppy and kitten, adult dog and cat.


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