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Intensive diets can bring about an extra load of fats in the liver, it thus entails an appetite loss and therefore a lower feed intake.

Boost the consumption thanks to Hépasup !  

  • Recovery of metabolic function of overloaded liver
  • Boost the digestion by favouring a steady intestinal transit
Packing: 5 kg bucket

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Need in Vit. E and selenium increases in case of fast-growing animal.

  • Cell protection against oxidation phenomena.
  • Vit. E improves organoleptic quality of carcasses.
  • Vit. E and selenium stimulate the immune defences

Easy to use: to be diluted in milk or in water

Packing: 5L can with a measuring cap

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Oriasec is a floor and litter draining matter.

Choose our solution:

  • Oriasec contains eucalyptus extracts to purify the atmosphere in  rearing premises.
  • Smelled and disinfectant
  • Less risk of contamination – it helps to scar
  • Less risk of mastitis
  • Product usable in Organic Farming as per the regulation (E.C.) Nr 834/2007 and implementing regulation Nr 889/2008.

Packing: 25 kg bag

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